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The filter press is equipped with a frame consisting of a strong and heavy metal structure which is non-deformable to fatigue stresses, and is equipped with the following equipment necessary for its operation:


  1. Hydraulic unit necessary for the activation of the filter pack cylinder;


  1. Electrical panel equipped with PLC logic system for automatic system operation;


  1. Plates in polypropylene with related cloths and sub-layers filtering, chosen according to the type of sludge to be subjected to filtration; the canvases ensure a duration of no less than 1500 cycles of operation under normal working conditions.


 The filtration plates for the pressing cycle are hydraulically closed at 220 bar; after which the liquid sludge is transferred through the pump into the filtering chambers and kept under constant pressure so as to obtain two results at the same time:


Firstly, the water contained in the sludge is expelled, which passes through the endless networks of the filtering fabric, and then flows out of the drainage channels provided in the lower part of the plate;

The second result is to capture all the suspended solid substances present in the liquid sludge. The solid particles, being larger than those of the lattices of the canvas, are retained and accumulated, giving rise to the formation of the panels of dehydrated sludge.

The time necessary for the formation of the panels is detected automatically by suitable devices and depends on the characteristics of the filtered liquid; in fact, the percentage of the dry residue contained in the sludge sent to filtration is much higher, the less time necessary for the formation of the panel.


Normally dry values ranging from 70 to 90% can be reached.


In order to ensure total separation and subsequent fall of all sludge panels, PREXOR has equipped the filter press with an effective automatic plate shaking system.


 Ordinary maintenance is reduced to a minimum: it consists essentially of the periodic washing of the filtering cloths, to be carried out on site with a medium and / or high pressure water jet; the washing has the purpose of ensuring over time the maintenance of draining power of the canvases. The simple structure and functionality of the filter press facilitate extraordinary maintenance operations; the particular sturdiness of all the parts, combined with the rationality of the construction, ensures a long life of all its components, which can however be replaced with extreme ease.


 Our production of filter presses is divided into three lines:


CLASSIC: "Perimeter" frame filter for low and medium productivity.


SKYLINE: isostatic frame filter "high cradle" for medium and high productivity.


LEVIATHAN: upper beam filter with "Diamond" isostatic frame for high productivity


 Why is the isostatic frame?


Because the thrust of the piston is balanced by robust and compact tie-rods, reserving only the supporting role of the plate pack to the frame.



High accessibility;

Simplification of maintenance operations;

Rapidity in the washing and in the replacement of the canvases.