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Prexor has designed a compact and truly portable system specifically for the treatment of quarried processing water.

In order to easily allow the opening of new quarry faces, the system can be moved without having to be emptied.

The PRX-COMPACT CAVE system, called "ALL-IN-ONE", is an evolution of the laboratory PRX-COMPACT 400, already successfully installed in several laboratories in Italy and worldwide.

To allow complete mobility of the ALL-IN-ONE system, the system volume is only 2.3 m x 2.3 m for a height of 4 m.

"All in One" is a "closed" system, in the sense that for its operation the Customer must supply only electricity; in fact for the opening of the automatic sludge discharge valve a compressor supplied with the plant is used, while the sludge feeding pump to the filter press is of the centrifugal type with an electric motor.

The wastewater collection tank is located in the structure below the decantator silo, as well as the clarified water collection tank and the relative centrifugal return pump.

The separated fine particles precipitated in the silo cone are automatically discharged into the mud collection tank. The sludge accumulated by the appropriate pump is sent to the filter press.

The clarified water is collected in the storage tank, together with the one exiting the filter press, and with a special pump it is re-launched to the cutting machines.



  • No masonry work
  • Installation and testing in two days
  • "Do not think about anything" formula
  • Complete system with tank and revitalized water pump
  • to the machines
  • Modular system
  • Compact and really transportable system:
  • 3 m x 2.3 m x 4.0 m height