1. The trucks are washed and the residue is discharge into the auger separator that recovers the washed aggregates ready to be reused.
  2. The dirty water washing is stored in an external tank equipped with          a stirrer and is ready to be filtered.
  3. The dirty water is pumped under pressure with vertical or submersible centrifugal pump directly into the filter press, without the use of silo clarifier and flocculant.
  4. The filter press retains solids and filters the water returning to the production cycle ready to be reused.
  5. The filter press produces panels of mud with residual humidity less than 20% by performing up to 6 cycles per hour.
  6. After a predetermined number of filtration set by the operator, the automatic washing system intervenes by the external centrifugal pump. The pressurized water makes the backwashing of the clothes, the sludge feed pipe and pump.


Advantages of Prexor system:

  1. No flocculant.
  2. Using vertical centrifugal pump Pemo in open channels or submersible pump in place of pump volumetric air, allowing better performance during filtration together with the complete absence of routine maintenance.
  3. The backwashing is doubtless the most efficient: the injection of water in the opposite direction to that of filtered allows to successfully remove the inevitable residues present in the clothes.
  4. The waste water and the clarified water from the filtration process always remain separated even during the washing phase, avoiding periodic interventions of emptying of the tanks.